Creative recruitment advertising that gets noticed!

Award-winning recruitment ads really don’t need to be overly complicated or big. neither do they need to be expensive to create. This simple, yet cracking little campaign may not have won top slot at the RAD awards, but as one of the shortlisted finalists in the ‘Best Campaign‘ category, it came very close! And perhaps more to the point, it did a great job in attracting lots of good, relevant applications for the client.

As London increasingly becomes a 24 hour city, then the transport networks are required to move more and more people around in the small hours. With the Tube poised to run for 24 hours on selected lines over Fridays and Saturdays, the city’s night bus network was also required to increase capacity. As part of that initiative, Stagecoach London needed to hire 12 Night Bus Drivers to support this.

The campaign targeted parts of East and South-East London, and appeared in print and online. It was also promoted via a PPC campaign on Facebook. It generated a total of over 250 applications, of which 83 were shortlisted and all the positions filled.