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Another awards bash… another shortlisting for WDAD

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Best Employer Brand – Tiara Talent Attraction Awards

With nearly 20,000 employees in the UK and Ireland, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is a major player in the IT services and consultancy sector, helping organisations transform through technology. Globally, TCS has over 614,000 employees and are enormously proud of their Indian heritage; it makes them who we are. It makes them unique.

However, here in the UK, whilst already ranked as one of the top five consultancies, they are relatively unknown in the talent marketplace against our direct competitors like PWC and Accenture. TCS’s ambition is to be number one and therefore this lack of brand recognition was making it hard to recruit the talent needed to meet their ambitious local growth plans.

TCS engaged WDAD Communications to help raise their profile within a number of key talent audiences – Early Talent, as well as Leadership and experienced Technical hires. We wanted to create a narrative to help attract, nurture, and retain the very best talent, and to do that the starting point was a programme of research and discovery to understand their Employee Value Proposition (EVP).

That work culminated in the It means more employer brand, an overview of which can be seen here.

The brand has now been launched internally and externally and is delivering some significant results for the business. The icing on the cake, is that the EVP methodology, creative outputs, and the results have been recognised by the prestigious Tiara Talent Acquisition Awards where It means more has been shortlisted.  We wish the amazing team at TCS all the very best for the event on the evening of 5th October 🙂

We’re off to the PPMAs 🙂

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We’re very happy to be going to the PPMA awards in April this year. Not one, but two nominations, alongside lead partner Osborne Thomas, for our work on a highly successful IT campaign with the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

What 2022 had in store for EVP, and what next year might have up its sleeve…

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Another very insightful piece from our EVP partner, Neil Harrison.

If there’s one key theme likely to impact EVP more than anything else, it relates to confidence. There’s little debate that we are already in rocky economic times and more of the same undoubtedly lies ahead. These are anxious times for many,  but what does that mean for an organisation’s Employee Value Proposition and the wider Talent Acquisition environment?

Read Neil’s thoughts on the subject here.

Photoshoots: It’s just like London buses!

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One week, two photoshoots and two happy clients

Having gone nearly two years over the pandemic – for obvious reasons – without a shoot, March saw us back behind the lens with two assignments in close succession. Our first was a internal shoot for a telecomms business based in Reading with numerous shots taken of the Exec Team for their website and other corporate comms.

The second, for Stagecoach, was a bit more of a physical challenge with a 7.30am set up in East London and then a full day’s shooting with 9 separate set-ups and take-downs needed, including using 2 buses out on the road, and locations at 2 different garages. I’d forgotten how heavy some of the lighting gear can be, and just the sheer volume of bags required for the stands and cameras that had to be lugged around. Luckily, we were well looked after by the Stagecoach team who commissioned the shoot to update their photolibrary and employer brand collateral as it had been over 5 years since we last undertook a similar exercise with them. It may have been hard work, but we had some great employees to work with who were enthusiastic and definitely up for the task. And whilst I may be a little bit biased, the quality of the end images look great!

If you’re employer brand needs a visual refresh, just give us a call!

Recruitment videos in the time of Covid-19

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Two socially-distanced videos shot remotely

These two films shot during the pandemic were a collective first for us as they were done without any WDAD presence on the client site.

We had great support from two fantastic Softcat employees who co-ordinated everything at their end with direction taken from us over mobile phones and via a live session on Teams; from co-ordinating the participants, sorting the locations, testing the sound quality and lighting, they were the people who ensured all the boxes were ticked. We simply provided live guidance on setting up the camera angles and which tech settings to use on a sophisticated piece of camera kit that both the Softcat employees were entirely new to.

Then via Teams, WDAD put the questions to the various interviewees with all the raw footage and audio files being sent to us at the end of each day for us to go through the usual process of editing to produce the final approved films. Given the circumstances, we think the quality of the end products are pretty good… and just shows what can be achieved even in very difficult circumstances. Thanks again to all the great team at Softcat for making this happen.

To view the films, please click below:

Apprentices – career progression and development

Apprentices – support and inclusion

Employer Branding and Sir Clive Woodward

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Standing out from the crowd

WDAD’s Managing Director was one of three guess speakers at the Integrate 2021 virtual conference hosted by MSD Animal Health. One of those being nonother that the former England world-cup winning rugby coach, Sir Clive Woodward.  The event was attended by professionals from across the meat, poultry and aqua sectors including food producers, veterinarians, distributors and retailers; all facing unprecedented challenges to recruit employees brought on by Brexit and the pandemic.

Mike opened the day with a presentation on how to stand out in a crowded recruitment marketplace, emphasising the vital part that employer branding has to play in achieving this. From giving some practical insights and thoughts on job advert best practice, through to careers site engagement and the importance of video. The event was closed with a thought-provoking and entertaining piece by Sir Clive on developing a winning culture in sport and business. We don’t know his views as yet on Mike’s presentation!

#evp #employerbrand #recruitmentmarketing

EVP and Employer Branding Whitepaper

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The opportunities for the Employer Branding profession have never been greater and neither have the challenges

Some interesting and timely research we conducted in partnership with Neil Harrison at NH237 Consulting on how EVP and Employer Branding are currently perceived across the UK TA community. The research touches on the concerns and opportunities of the sector. Its alignment with D&I and the corporate brand, metrics, consistency and experience. A big thanks to all that filled in the survey.

To view and download the report, please click here.

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WDAD awarded a position on ESPO Framework (No: 3A_20 Advertising Solutions)

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Following a tendering exercise, we’re delighted to announce that WDAD Communications has been awarded a position on the ESPO framework for Advertising Solutions (No: 3A_20), covering the supply of broad range of recruitment advertising and other resourcing-related services.

These include:

  • Digital media planning and execution
  • Traditional print campaigns
  • Social media
  • Employer branding
  • Career websites

The framework offers organisations across the Public Sector (and beyond) access to pre-approved suppliers who have been selected for their ability to provide customers with a comprehensive range of services that combine quality and value. All suppliers on the framework have been assessed and appointed using efficient and streamlined procurement processes, ensuring customers obtain value-for-money services which meet their requirements.

Other key benefits of the Framework include:

  • It’s compliant with UK/EU procurement legislation – ESPO has done the work, so there’s no need for you to run a full EU procurement process.
  • We were assessed during the procurement process for our financial stability, track record, experience and technical & professional ability.
  • What you see is what you pay – there are no additional charges.
  • Pre-agreed terms & conditions to underpin all orders.
  • ESPO’s expertise in this market is tried and tested. The framework is fourth generation in a succession of successful advertising frameworks.

For more details please visit:

If you’d like to know more, please contact Mike Heal quoting ESPO Framework 3A at to start a conversation.

Everything changed in 2020 – why your EVP needs to look forwards not backwards in 2021

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The employment landscape changed beyond all recognition in 2020. Suddenly, working from home became the norm. We’ve debated the respective merits of Zoom, Meets and Teams. We discovered how to spell furlough and what it meant. From record lows, unemployment has risen significantly. At the same time, the number of vacancies and job postings is now increasing. Pre-Covid skills shortages have not gone away. Some industries have been badly hit, others have seen demand for their services soar. We’ve been in lockdown and out and then back in again. It’s been enough to drive us to Tiers!

Just as importantly, where we work, why we work and with whom we work are not the same today as they were way back in March 2020.

The employer brand and reputation of every organisation in the land has been put to the test like never before. Some have risen to the challenge, others not so much.

And what of your Employee Value Proposition? The promise you make around the employee experience you’ll provide? Your employment ‘why’?

How relevant, how differentiated, how ready for 2021 is it? It’s a key question to answer.

So much of what contributes to an EVP has changed. The mindset of your employee base. The competitor set. The labour market. Perhaps even the structure of your own organisation.

And a robust and effective EVP has to reflect where you are and where you’re going, rather than where you were.

It’s worth perhaps reminding ourselves what an EVP is and what it can deliver.

It’s your commitment to the employee experience you’ll be delivering. It’s the narrative thread creating consistency across all people communications. It’s your direction of travel as an organisation and how your people can contribute to this.

Get this right and the potential of what your EVP can deliver is huge:

  • Employers who effectively deliver on their EVP can reduce departures by 69% (Gartner)
  • 83% of employers felt their EVP had a significant influence on their ability to hire talent (LinkedIn)
  • Poor EVP and employer branding adds 10% to the cost of external hiring (LinkedIn)
  • A well-executed EVP can improve new hire commitment by up to 29% (CLC)

Whilst we have worked with some organisations here in the UK and internationally to develop their EVP and their employer brand this past year (including their career websites and attraction material), it would be fair to say that for many in 2020 that this was not the time to either create or re-visit an EVP or brand. There were too many moving parts, too much ambiguity, too much uncertainty.

However, 2021 feels different. The staggering progress around the vaccines is creating a quiet, determined sense of returning confidence. Unemployment will not be going away anytime soon, however we are likely to see a pent-up demand for hiring in those sectors relatively unscathed by the virus. We work alongside a number of clients in tech and healthcare, for instance and this is the ‘norm’ for them; and there are, and will be, others.

For two key audiences, an organisation’s EVP will be important.

Candidates are likely to be both wary and cautious, looking for a new employer which is clear about its message, its direction and its purpose. An organisation, again, which is looking forward and not back. The employer brand and external messaging needs to convey this.

For your employees, the rationale for an investment in EVP is just as strong. They want to understand what the future looks like and how they can contribute to such a future. They want their voices, their experiences and their stories articulated. They need a reminder as to why you remain the best environment for their skills and ambition.

Because your Employer Brand is effectively the stories your people tell to describe what it’s like to work for you.

It’s a message for today which asks people for their commitment to help deliver tomorrow.

And whilst few of us wish to be defined by Covid-19, it’s important that it is referenced. Covid and how an organisation responded to its challenges will have shaped the employee experience hugely. An EVP in 2021 which doesn’t speak of how an organisation listened to its people, supported them, relied on them, would feel tone deaf and unintuitive.

Which is the danger of continuing with a pre-Covid EVP as we begin to emerge into a post-Covid world.

And how to you go about shaping, or indeed re-shaping, your EVP?

There are a number of differing approaches, but they all rely on the ability to listen to your people and tell their stories. Stories of how they have coped and how they have grown… with your support. Stories that then build a consistent employment narrative which is both authentic and inspiring.

It’s the sort of process we’ve delivered for numerous organisations. Some were looking at EVP for the first time; others wanted the tyres kicking on their existing one. And all were looking to encapsulate this into an authentic, distinctive and appealing employer brand that delivered a clear return on their investment.

If you feel it’s time for your own EVP and employer brand to look forward rather than backwards, then please contact me on 07973 131017 or email





Shaw Trust Power 100 List of UK’s Most Influential Disabled People

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We’re thrilled that one of our partners, Andy Gilbert, has been named as a finalist for the Shaw Trust Power 100 – the UK’s most influential disabled people. His personal achievements, and the great work Gilbey Films does for disability access and disability awareness training is inspiring.

The Disability Power 100 2020 celebrates individuals, disabled or living with an impairment, who are working to break the stigma around disability to create a more accessible and inclusive world. The list unveiling and top 10 countdown will be streaming live on Weds 21st at 2.30. Visit for more info.

And good luck Andy!

An Important New Careers Website for Frimley Healthcare Foundation  NHS Trust

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Designed and built by WDAD Communications, this new careers site is now live. It forms a central part of our work to help the trust refresh their Employer Brand and position them as one of the foremost employers in the sector.

The design of the site makes extensive use of FHFT’s employees following photoshoots across their three main hospitals. It leans heavily on their vision, values and future strategy, as well as promoting revitalised EVP and Employer Brand messaging.

Its clear layout and navigation has been designed to be more user-friendly, with accessibility supported by an Accessibility Toolbar for altering text size, changing colours and using text to speech technology.

We worked closely with the HR team at Frimley and our developer partner Designworks to produce a site that integrates with the NHS’s platform ‘Trac’, allowing a live feed of segmented service roles to be accessed via the site.

At such a vital time for recruitment in the NHS, we’re proud to have been able to work the ‘Frimley Family’ and we’re looking forward to helping them increase visitors to the site and evolve their messaging and engagement still further.

How employee communications and engagement have changed as a result of the lockdown

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The response to Covid-19 is at a fascinating point. Lockdown has been easing gradually but perceptibly. Businesses are starting to open and today’s announcements in Parliament marks a significant landmark in that process particularly for the hospitality industry. However, it’s also not unlikely that we may see the number of positive tests, hospital admissions and coronavirus deaths increase once more as restrictions are relaxed.

But how has the talent acquisition community and their employers responded to lockdown and how do they feel about some of the likely outcomes?

Neil Harrison, one of our evp and research partners, conducted a survey on how employee comms has changed over the last few months. Just short of a hundred people responded to his questions so there’s an element of this being indicative rather than definitive. But there are some interesting insights and hopefully it provide a sense of the mindset of organisations.

Mike Heal, Managing Director at WDAD, was one of a number of contacts of Neil’s talent acquisition network who was asked to comment on the findings.

For details click here.

Create Amazing Experiences

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A new careers website for a leading European hotel group

A huge thank you to all the team at PPHE Hotel Group as well as the WDAD creative and project management teams, and Designworks, who have all invested so much in getting this new careers website off the ground. With 15 different brands represented across 5 countries, this is just the first stage on a phased roll out that will also include the USA in the not-too-distant future.

As you might expect for one of the world’s leading hotel and hospitality groups (one that includes the Park Plaza and art’otel brands amongst others), the site is designed to be highly impactful. It’s visually striking using an array of strong and beautifully shot images throughout. In addition, we feature 19 employees with videos and static profiles to bring their stories to life, showcasing their professional and personal development and demonstrating what it is to create amazing experiences; making guests feel energised, valued, respected and, more often than not, surprised and delighted.

With the present covid-19 pandemic, recruitment activity has been put on hold, but when activity resumes, the site will highlight and filter key roles and opportunities across the brands, integrating seamlessly with the Cornerstone ATS as well as making the candidate experience and clicks to apply process as quick and as easy as possible. PPHE Hotel Group sees the new careers site as a vital platform for them to be ready when the ‘hospitality business’ picks up again and they start recruiting to help them realise their future plans.

Massive team effort and congratulations to everyone involved in delivering the project.

For more details visit or to view the site, please visit

Cyber Security Essentials

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We’re pleased to announce that WDAD Communications has been independently assessed and verified against the Cyber Essentials Standard and we have successfully met the requirements of the scheme. This means we meet the Cyber Essentials implementation profile [BIS/14/696/1.5] and our ICT defences were deemed as satisfactory against commodity based cyber-attack. We will now be assessed annually to make sure we maintain these high standards. 

If a partner needs to view our certificate, please contact the Managing Director. WDAD is also entered on the National Register of Cyber Essentials Certified Companies 

Covid-19 update

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From Monday 16th March, we have decided that our team will be working from home for at least the next few weeks. I’m confident that you will not be impacted in any way during this period – we all have the necessary tools to service your business and we will continue to do that outside the usual office environment.  We will therefore postpone any non-essential face-to-face meetings with partners/suppliers etc. and if necessary undertake virtual meetings instead.

This is a new challenge for all of us and we will regularly review this policy based on government advice.  We will continue to provide our team with regular updates and in turn will share any relevant information with you via email, social media or this website.

To all our clients, partners and friends in the media, I hope you are all keeping well and safe.

Best wishes,


Bringing a European hospitality employer brand to life

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Amsterdam and London video shoots

WDAD were appointed to create a new careers website and candidate experience for PPHE Hotel Group – a leading European lifestyle and boutique hotel group with brands such as Park Plaza, art’otel and Holmes Hotel London.

As part of the project, WDAD and the HR and marketing teams planned and undertook a series of employee video shoots across a number of their hotels and destination restaurant and bars. With themes based around their core values, we shot and produced 6 beautifully crafted films with supporting images that brought their employer brand to life though the authentic and compelling team stories.

The schedule was incredibly tight, but being based in some truly beautiful and inspiring hotels in both London and Amsterdam helped a lot😊

Huge thanks to all the PPHE team who helped to make it all possible. The films will be an integral part of our new website when it goes live later in 2020.



All the fun of the (careers) fair

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Competition for good graduate talent is always fierce, so we were tasked with developing an experience that would take Softcat’s on-campus presence to a different level. With events planned at 6 key universities around the country, we took their employer brand and created a striking exhibition stand which featured an interactive memory game.

The game was one we’re all familiar with; a memory/matching pairs game played on an iPad stand and displayed on a big visual screen to show the game in action. A 30 second timer counts down as the player has to remember the position of an ever growing number of matching images that would appear – and then disappear – on rotating tiles. Depending upon the number correctly remembered and clicked upon, and how quickly that was achieved, the player would rack up a points score.

Their points and position on the top 100 would be confirmed on the screen at the end of their game. And for added spice, a manual leaderboard akin to Top Gear’s was also there where the top 10 players were written to a magnetic strip and added to the board with a degree of fanfare. At the end of the day, the winner for each location was notified and they were sent a Google Mini for their efforts!

The stand and game undoubtedly  generated some of the best interest at those events. If there was any down time at all, the screen played their stop-motion animation which again was very different to other organisations and caught the eye.

The game – which can be used independently of the stand if so required – and stand will be used at next year’s graduate fairs, and will also be rolled out at internal staff events, office open days, and local outreach activities.

Sir Robert McAlpine Careers Website Goes Live

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150 years of engineering excellence brought up-to-date with a new careers site

Sir Robert McAlpine are responsible for creating some of the most iconic engineering landmarks in the UK. The London Olympic Stadium, Eden Project, Bloomberg Building, and the refurbishment of the Queen Elizabeth Tower (Ben Ben) are just a fraction of their portfolio that has shaped Britain’s landscape and heritage over the last 150 years. Now they wanted an employer brand and careers website to reflect that proud history, and we’re delighted to have helped them bring it to life with the launch of

Visually-led, with succinct and engaging copy; content that was reduced drastically from the previous iteration of the careers website, it heavily featured their current employees with nearly 30 team profiles and five videos shot across a number of their UK offices and construction sites over a two week period in the run up to Christmas!

A Recruitment Video Shoot With a Difference

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Stop-motion animation recruitment video

A huge thanks to our friends at Softcat for being brave enough to run with a creative concept and script that we devised, and for all the team from Agile for a hugely entertaining studio shoot that took place yesterday.

It was a very long day, but meticulous planning and the professionalism of all involved meant we got every thing we planned in the can.  It promises to be a fun, highly engaging film; one very different to traditional recruitment videos, and we are all really looking forward to seeing how a challenging concept can be brought to life. Watch this space!

The film is now live on the home page of or you can see it here:


Shortlisted for the PPMA’s Excellence in People Management awards

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Not one, but two nominations for WDAD

WDAD are delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted at this year’s Public Service People Managers’ Association (PPMA) awards. At a event hosted by the Guardian, two of our clients have been selected in the following categories:

We’re up against some stiff competition – you can check out the full shortlist on the PPMA’s website here – but will keep our fingers crossed for the Awards night on the 19th April.

Many thanks to some great clients and all the teams involved in delivering some fantastic work and results!

The Nursing Times ‘Nurse Leader of the Year’ winner

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Transforming the working culture

In this time of doom and gloom stories and all the negative press about the NHS, it makes such a pleasant change to talk to a client about a hugely positive news item. Yesterday, we filmed a matron and her team at the North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust. She’s just won the national accolade of ‘Nurse Leader of the Year’ at the 2017 Nursing Times Awards for her inspirational work and achievements over the last two years in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at the hospital where she has transformed the working culture by helping the ICU’s 98 nurses from 38 different countries to work as a single, cohesive team to improve patient care.

I’ve worked in the NHS recruitment and employer branding field for more than 20 years and I don’t think in all that time that I’ve met an individual and indeed an entire team who were so positive and enthusiastic about their colleagues and their unit – it really was uplifting and a privilege to be invited in to meet them all and shoot the video.

Huge congratulations from all at WDAD to Gillan Belfon-Johnson and all in the ICU – read her story here (video to follow!).


NHS Recruitment Crunch

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European nurses and midwives leaving UK in droves since Brexit vote – 8 practical steps to help mitigate the impact…

The national news carried the above headline, but when you examine the figures, you realise just how shocking the actual numbers behind the headline were. The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) reported that:

  • The number of nurses and midwives coming to work in Britain from Europe has plunged by 89% since the UK voted to leave the EU.
  • The sharp fall coincided with a sudden increase in qualified European medics leaving the NMC’s register: from 2,435 in 2015-16 to 4,067 in the last year – a rise of 67%.
  • The data also shows a third worrying trend – the number of UK-trained nurses and midwives leaving the register rose by 11%, from 26,653 in 2015-16 to 29,019 last year.
  • And all this on top of an estimated shortfall of 40,000 nurses across the UK and 3,500 midwives in England alone.

Having worked within the NHS recruitment sector for a number of years and fully aware of the issues that it currently faces, these stats are very sobering indeed. There’s no magic wand, but we thought it would be an idea to list out what we felt might be some of the practical steps which NHS Trusts and other healthcare bodies could do now with their employer branding and recruitment advertising which could potentially help mitigate some of the impact.

For the full article and the NMC report, please see:  

Goodbye Farringdon – hello Fitzrovia

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After nearly 20 years, WDAD Communications have moved from their home in Farringdon to new offices in W1. In fact, we’re just up the road from where it all began in the late 80’s when Withers Diamond and Wood Brigdale (some of you may even remember WD&WB as we were known then), was based in Mortimer Street.

For those of you that had visited us in Kirby Street, the building had a certain old world ‘charm’ – we discovered during the moving process that it was the only property in the road not to have been destroyed during the blitz and in truth, many parts of it felt like it came from that era – but it was definitely frayed around the edges and it was taking up an awful lot of our time just to manage and maintain it. The final straw came with Cross Rail redevelopment at Farringdon station and the imminent doubling of our annual rent!

So, it was with a heavy heart that we decided to pack our bags and move on. We had a great farewell night at the agency with a host of past employees coming back in to shed a tear or two, lots of memories and laughs, and a shed load of alcohol!

Our new pad is even older than Kirby Street – but in terms of look and importantly feel, it’s light years away. We’re now resident on the 2nd Floor – so still lots of stairs to keep us and our visitors fit – of a lovely Regency building we share with a couple of like-minded creative and communication specialist agencies at 33 Fitzroy Street, London W1T 6DU – in the shadow of the BT Tower and just 3 minutes from Warren Street tube :

The kettle and the biscuits are primed and ready for visitors!

CIPD Recruitment Marketing Awards – close but no cigar!

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WDAD were delighted to have been shortlisted for the CIPD sponsored Recruitment Marketing Awards (RMAs) for our work for Stagecoach London. The glitzy ceremony took place at The Brewery in EC1 last night and, although this time around we didn’t come away with the main prize, we did receive a Highly Commended accolade from the judges for our entry in the Best Diversity and Inclusion Initiative category.

The aim of the social media and advertising campaign was to change the employer brand perception of Stagecoach as an employer of female bus drivers. As the centerpiece of the strategy, Ferne McCann, of TOWIE and This Morning fame, was invited to join Stagecoach at their West Ham bus garage to train for her PCV licence. This was shown on national TV on This Morning, and  received widespread coverage across national and local media throughout the campaign.

The campaign was highly successful, and generated a 30% increase in applications from women, with the number of female followers on their social channels growing from 28%  to 34%.  And overall, in a six month period, the number of female  bus drivers employed by the company had grown from 292 to 341 – a 17% increase!

Thanks go to a great client and all of our team and colleagues who helped put this highly innovative branding and awareness campaign together.

For details please see Women Behind the Wheel.

Hey buddy, pass the Paleo Pear Banana Bread

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I have a soft spot for many things. One of them is Australia. Another is amusingly terrible recruitment advertising. So when a story combining the two hit the headlines a few weeks ago, I felt like the merriest kookaburra in all the old gum trees. 


Many of you will already have seen the infamous Australian Dept of Finance Graduate Recruitment video. But there’s more to laugh at than just the video itself. And because there is not enough laughter in the world, I’d like to share some links with you (while making a few serious points)…
Read More

Diversity Access Films

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Following on from our successful initiative to engage with and recruit more female bus drivers for Stagecoach, WDAD is excited to announce they have expanded their diversity portfolio. We’ve joined forces with Gilbey Films (, the leading producer of professional disabled access marketing films and training videos, to launch a new service. Aimed at progressive, inclusive organisations, it will allow recruiters to reach out to disabled people, by demonstrating how accessible and welcoming their workplace is. Read More

Award Winners! – RADS 2017

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It was a great night for WDAD at the 2017 RAD Awards held at the Grosvenor House Hotel on January 26th where our work with Stagecoach London won the ‘Best Diversity and Inclusion Initiative’ category.

We’ve been shortlisted several times in recent years, but it’s nice to again get on the podium. Thanks go to a great client and all of our team and colleagues who helped put a very innovative and successful campaign together.

For details please see Women Behind the Wheel.

Shortlisted at the RAD Awards!

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We’re delighted to announce that we have again been shortlisted for a RAD Award for our work with Stagecoach London. Following the recognition last year for our Night Owls campaign, this time around we have been nominated in the ‘Best Diversity and Inclusion Initiative’ category for our Women Behind the Wheels campaign.

Stagecoach London were acutely aware of the gulf between the numbers of female bus drivers in their employ compared to the number of male drivers, and it was something they were understandably keen to address. And so Ferne McCann, of TOWIE and This Morning fame, was invited to join them at their West Ham bus garage to train for her PCV licence.

This initiative coincided with the launch of our new social media channels for recruitment which we set up and manage with daily postings. As well as geo-targeted PPC advertising on Facebook and Google, we also created a simple microsite with dedicated videos featuring Ferne McCann, as well as some of Stagecoach London’s home-grown female stars:

The results have been encouraging with social followers up to 2.5k after just 6 months. In addition, the number of applications from females has grown by nearly 30%, with the number of female drivers up by over 13%.  For more details visit the case study. Oh, and we may have mentioned that it’s up for a RAD award for Best Diversity & Inclusion Initiative on 26th Jan 2017…


Frimley Health Wins CIPD People Management Overall Award

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It’s been a great experience to work with the HR team at Frimley Health at such a pivotal time in their history. Our EVP and employer brand project has coincided with significant and concerted organisational initiatives to bring a neigbouring and failing Trust (Wexham & Heatherwood NHS Trust) into the fold and to turn around its ratings and fortunes.

This transformation work is ongoing, but has already made huge strides which saw the Trust win the Employee Engagement Initiative category at the 2016 CIPD People Management Awards as well as then taking the overall Grand Prix award.  A truly fantastic achievement for all at Frimley Health! 
Read More

Shortlisted for Senior Leadership campaign at the 2016 PPMAs

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Once again, we’re delighted to announce that our creative recruitment marketing and advertising has been recognised at this year’s Public Sector People Managers’ Association recruitment advertising awards. WDAD has been shortlisted in the Senior Leadership campaign category for our highly successful CEO campaign for Viridian Housing. 
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What do our interns get up to at WDAD?

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Every year we host an intern from the USA. This year Max Osborn from the University of Oregon has spent 9 weeks with us to learn a little about recruitment advertising and employer branding. He recently spent an eventful couple of days, helping with a video shoot for the Stagecoach London apprentice scheme.
Read More

Shortlisted for ‘Private Sector Partner / Supplier of the Year’ at the 2015 PPMAs

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WDAD is delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted at the prestigious PPMA Excellence in Management Awards 2015 for our work with the wonderful people at North Middlesex University NHS Trust. It’s a huge accolade for us and recognises all the values-base recruitment and engagement creative work which in the last couple of months alone has seen the Trust recruit nearly 100 nurses… Read More

It pays big to sometimes think small

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A thought provoking piece of editorial from Mike Jefferies published in the Recruitment and Retention section of the MJ magazine. Mike argues that it can pay significant dividends if procurement takes the time to look beyond the usual roster of recruitment suppliers. A sentiment echo’d by the following story on the BBC which says the government is too dependent on a handful of “quasi-monopoly” private companies to provide public services. Read More

Employee engagement at the Palace

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October saw the culmination of the initial phase of an exciting  employee engagement project that WDAD has undertaken with North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust. Their first Staff Recognition Awards were held at Alexandra Palace where 300 short-listed candidates, colleagues and guests attended a celebration of the people that make the Trust such a great team. Read More

And the winner is…

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We’re delighted to be able to add to our extensive list of recruitment award winners – this time picking up the Best Press Advertisement award for Bidwells at the CIPD Recruitment Marketing Awards.

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One year after our MBO…

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An article from the lovely people at Ri5 on our reflections and plans for WDAD Communications after our first anniversary of the two Mikes taking on the recruitment advertising and employee engagement agency. 
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WDAD launch recruitment³

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WDAD have just gone into partnership with two specialist providers to launch Recruitment³, a tailored end-to-end high volume recruitment solutions business for international employers, specifically targeting the oil & gas, construction and medicine sectors.
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WDAD voted ‘the most professional agency’

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It may still be tough out there, but it gives us a nice warm glow all over to know that we came out on top of a poll to the question “which is the most professional recruitment advertising agency?“ which recently ran on a media / agency forum called The Potent Mix.
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More creative award wins!

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For the third year running we’ve been recognised in the GRAMIAs, the nation’s specialist creative awards for the grocery and hospitality sectors. This time we’ve won not one but two awards – one for Tragus and one for Whitbread.
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WDAD wins Agency Of The Year

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We picked up the much-coveted Recruitment Agency of the Year title at the Gramia awards, along with two awards for our brand work for Tragus and for our creative campaign for Whitbread, at this year’s event at the Savoy.
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