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WDAD’s people, partners and associates

If you’re looking to work with an experienced team, you’ve come to the right place.

We have some of the most knowledgeable professionals in the sector, backed-up by an extensive network of brilliant associates and partner businesses.

Together we’re a powerful combination. A robust, responsive and extensive resource, committed to the highest levels of service and passionate about what our clients achieve.

Mike Jefferies

Client Services Director

Co-owner and Client Services Director, Mike runs the team with ultimate responsibility for our client relationships. He has held senior roles with a number of our competitors before joining us in 2006. He has a big penchant for rugby, singing and Las Vegas – occasionally all at the same time.

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Mike Heal

Managing Director

Mike has decades of experience having worked on both the media and advertising agency sides of the industry. He’s co-owner of the agency, but remains very hands-on with all our accounts. He’s on the ball about most things – especially employer branding, digital strategy and… his golf swing when he gets the chance!

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CKS WDAD Head of Production

Caireen Kennedy-Smith: Production Manager

Caireen joined us in 1996 as an Office Junior and worked on all aspects of the business from copywriting to account handling. She found her true calling in production and has worked on the design side of every client’s projects ever since, encompassing all their production needs from house styles to application forms to whizzy animated web banners.

Jan Lewis: Associate Designer

With more than 20 years freelancing in recruitment communications, Jan still loves a new challenge. Whether it’s creating a new employer brand, unpicking a tricky brief, or art directing a campaign that slots seamlessly into an existing brand, she’s ready to start afresh with each new client story.


Struan Yallup: Associate Head of Copy

Struan is a longstanding WDAD associate with more than 25 years’ experience in recruitment marketing, employer branding, employee comms and B2B. He brings expertise as a copywriter, creative head and trainer to the WDAD team – working directly with our clients on projects and campaigns.

Sarah portrait - Project Support Exec at employer brand agency WDAD

Sarah Gilbert: Project Support

Sarah comes from a corporate marketing and brand promotion background, working for major organisations such as Ford and Lloyds. She joined the WDAD team in 2012 and has been instrumental in ensuring various projects are delivered on time and on spec, every time. She’s our very own grammar queen which is her particular passion and penchant.

Tim Rotchell: Associate Research Manager

A BSc graduate, Tim spent more than 25 years in recruitment advertising and marketing before pursuing a strong interest in research.  After leading the research function of several agencies, Tim has worked as an Associate of WDAD for more than 10 years providing insight into many projects on both a quantitative and qualitative basis.

Neil Harrison: Associate EVP Specialist

Frankly, I couldn’t enjoy working with the WDAD team more. In delivering research and insight solutions to organisations looking to build an EVP or employer branding, there’s trust, respect and more than a little fun. Focus groups, senior interviews, online surveys – whatever the tool, it is about applying them with experience, with intuition and with the best interests of the client foremost.

Our partners

We also work in close partnership with a number of like-minded SMEs including…