After a full pitch, we were tasked to help this international company bring their employee stories to life and show the world why TCS is a great place to work. Today, nearly two-thirds of people changing jobs say that they are looking for a better match in values and beliefs with the company they choose to work for – a view reinforced by the pandemic and their employment experience during it. Work plays a bigger role in people’s lives than ever, and because of that, employees want more from their job than just earning money and moving up the career ladder.

Through an extensive programme of research, we discovered that TCS employees can make more impact, tackle more interesting challenges and find more opportunities to grow and progress. Moreover, TCS’s direct support for social causes means they also do more for the local communities they serve and the planet as a whole. Their ambition is for all employees to feel that “It means more” to work at TCS.

Employer branding collateral

To bring the EVP to life in the real world, we created a new employer brand identity, fully consistent with the look, feel and guidelines of the main corporate brand. Our short film was used to launch the brand – we will use ‘It means more’ as a platform for sharing stories from inside their business to help TCS attract and retain some of the very best digital talent there is.