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Two socially-distanced videos shot remotely

These two films shot during the pandemic were a collective first for us as they were done without any WDAD presence on the client site.

We had great support from two fantastic Softcat employees who co-ordinated everything at their end with direction taken from us over mobile phones and via a live session on Teams; from co-ordinating the participants, sorting the locations, testing the sound quality and lighting, they were the people who ensured all the boxes were ticked. We simply provided live guidance on setting up the camera angles and which tech settings to use on a sophisticated piece of camera kit that both the Softcat employees were entirely new to.

Then via Teams, WDAD put the questions to the various interviewees with all the raw footage and audio files being sent to us at the end of each day for us to go through the usual process of editing to produce the final approved films. Given the circumstances, we think the quality of the end products are pretty good… and just shows what can be achieved even in very difficult circumstances. Thanks again to all the great team at Softcat for making this happen.

To view the films, please click below:

Apprentices – career progression and development

Apprentices – support and inclusion


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