multi-award winning recruitment advertising - Big Ben

Time’s up! A striking image for a critical role.

Our brief was simple, to create a highly impactful advert that emphasised the critical nature of the role and the potential impact that the person appointed could have on all our lives. We needed a heavy hitter to take up the role of Head of the Office of Climate Change to ensure the UK led the world on these issues and by influencing others could make a real difference to ours and our children’s lives before it was too late!

The end result was a ‘shock and awe’ advert. Visually stunning, we used the iconic image of Big Ben protruding through the lapping waves of a sea that had not only broken through our sea defences, but had engulfed everything that we know and hold dear.

It pulled in a high number of quality candidates, and creatively, the work was recognised at the Public Sector People Managers’ Association (PPMA) awards where it picked up the accolade of ‘Best Senior Recruitment Campaign’ and then won the Grand Prix award as the ‘Best Work of the Year’ in the public sector.