Employer engagement

Putting some vroom behind some great employee benefits

The task of attracting tech specialists into any business has always been difficult. Competing demands for rare skills means that great talent is always at a premium. Therefore, when you’ve done the difficult job of finding them through targeted advertising campaigns, it then boils down to making sure that you engage them and convince them to stay once they’ve joined you. There are so many factors involved in this, one of which for Trader Media Group – home of Auto Trader; one of the country’s most visited websites – was their fantastic benefits offering.

One area of particular concern was their existing employee uptake of their flexible benefits scheme. Traditionally this had been poor, so working with a third party, the range and scope of those perks on offer were broadened. They also now provided their employees with the option to acquire some benefits for family and partners if they so wished.

WDAD were asked to create an internal campaign to promote the new range of benefits which included posters, table drops and digital screensavers. We also wrote and designed a comprehensive brochure which grouped the various benefits into easily digestible chunks and through simple but clear use of iconography, we explained what these meant to the individuals as well as clear instructions about the process to acquire them.

After just 4 weeks, an additional 16% of the workforce had registered for the new scheme.