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Using Snapchat to reach a new passive audience across specific locations in East London

There is a perception that Snapchat is a social media platform for children and adolescents, and no one out of their teens would be on it. In fact, the reality is different… and quite surprising. In 2018, a survey of over 2,000 individuals found that 77 percent of online respondents between the age of age 18 and 24 years stated that they are Snapchat users. Of 35 to 44 year old respondents, 38 percent were Snapchat users.*

It’s advertising back office also has fantastic behavioual and geo-targeting tools that will allow the placement of adverts to a very defined audience – potentially to within just a few square meters if necessary!


We decided to use the channel for a dedicated Bus Driver recruitment campaign for Stagecoach London targeting approximately 200,000 individuals across the specified geo-fenced areas.

Our video banners were 10 seconds in duration, and as this wasn’t necessarily what snapchatters would be expecting to see on their channel, we wanted to use some highly engaging and fun creative work to make a real impact. If we could grab that attention, then at least we stood a chance to get the target audience to consider our campaign and hopefully swipe the screen up which would take them to

Our campaign used four different videos: three animated with different illustrations and techniques being use; the fourth a short film edited from the full recruitment video on their website. All had a very clear and short call to action.


The campaign ran for a month and resulted in a phenomenal number of click/swipe-throughs to the site at over 1,900.


  • Source: Stastica