apprenticeship scheme advertising

An employer brand as unique as its people 

Developing an apprentice campaign for a hugely successful company

Since its founding in 1993, Softcat has been a phenomenal success story. It now employs over 1,200 people across 9 offices and has an annual turnover of £1billion pounds. One key area has been the recruitment of a growing number of apprentices into the business which the company sees as critical to achieving its future growth plans.

Softcat’s main intake is Sales, but there are Technology and Business Operations opportunities too. In all instances, Softcat provides the perfect place to start out on a career, with a proud track record of training apprentices, and then watching them follow successful careers.

WDAD were appointed to identify their EVP and to subsequently develop the employer brand and careers website. That project began its roll out in Q3 2019 with a highly distinctive visual style and messaging based around actual employee quotes. However, the proposition is slightly different for their apprentices compared to the graduates and experience hires, and as such we wanted to create a different look and feel for their apprentices target group segment which could be used across their recruitment collateral and in external apprentice campaigns.

Softcat has a fantastic culture where all employees are valued and encouraged to become their very best they can be. Week by week, their apprentices gain the knowledge, soft skills and confidence it takes to thrive. It was these key messages that we wanted to convey and used shots of their apprentices exuding that confidence and personality.

As a B2B business with no consumer brand, it is important to stand out in the tech sector – this visual style undoubtedly achieves that. For more details, please see details on their website.