recruitment website design

A responsive website design and build that’s the same… yet different!

The brief:

CfR are a UK-based recruitment consultancy who are part of an international network of companies. The brief was for a new recruitment website design and build to showcase their services to prospective clients, though the site would also provide information on opportunities for potential candidates. The site needed to express CfR UK’s distinct personality, while still appearing consistent with the look of the wider recruitment group’s website.

The client was keen to use video to tell their story. They were also keen to avoid using stock images, as many other recruitment companies do.

Our solution:

We first set the tone for the site by writing a series of positioning statements which captured CfR’s brand and values and how they wished to be perceived. The brief for this was informed by the answers to a series of questions we asked the core team members of CfR. The resulting positioning statements would then be used within masthead images on pages across the site.

We then spent a day-and-a-half with them at their offices in Newark, speaking to them about their work, their clients and their candidates. We captured these discussions on film and would subsequently edit these into a short video. Recruitment is all about people, so we felt it important to put these people into some context. Rather than just having a series of talking heads, CfR approached some of their regular clients and asked if they could use footage from their corporate videos. CfR work with some really exciting brands in the Manufacturing, Engineering and Charity sectors, among many others, so this extra footage added a new dimension to the video.

A half-day of our time in Newark was spent taking some still photography for the website.

For the website itself, we selected a WordPress template which closely matched their global site and adapted this. This proved far less expensive than mimicking the global site from scratch.

 The results:

The resulting website used a modern platform, with a crisp design in keeping with the client’s global brand, while still expressing the UK division’s unique personality. As well as the homepage video, there’s lots of movement throughout the site including an interactive map, team profiles and and lots of thought-leadership and news content to engage with their potential clients: To see the website, visit: