EVP and employer branding

‘Hungry For’ an EVP and Employer Brand


WDAD was engaged to design and communicate a new EVP and employer brand on the back of an extensive employee engagement research programme undertaken across three continents where the Head Office teams, Hut Managers and Team Members were interviewed about what made the organisation tick and was the essence of Pizza Hut,

The research concluded that there was nothing ordinary about Pizza Hut. Not their pizzas. Not their people. And definitely not the way that it all came together on a day-to-day basis. At Pizza Hut, they don’t settle for anything less than food that they are proud to serve. And it’s the same underlying tenet around their employment offer. This is ‘Life Unboxed’ and it’s Pizza Hut’s promise to all their staff that when working at Pizza Hut you can ‘Become Your Best,’ ‘Make Friends’ and ‘Have Fun.’


For us, it was clear that Pizza Hut were looking for people who really lived and breathed a Life Unboxed and those three core brand pillars of the EVP – they had to be ‘hungry for’ it… and it was that thought that drove our creative thinking through the following channels:

Recruitment website

We designed and developed a bespoke WordPress site www.careersatpizzahut.co.uk with a concept based upon pizza slice shapes to create a navigational spinning pizza wheel and an angular web page design to separate content. Finding a suitable solution for both elements was a challenge, but it really sets the website apart and gives it a unique look.

The site is designed from mobile up and includes a vibrant Life Unboxed animation about their values that sits on their Culture page, as well as a more traditional talking heads recruitment video for Drivers and another that focuses on their excellent training.

However, the real beauty of the site lies in the job search functionally which integrates with a mapping system. Through mobile GPS the system identifies a user’s location and displays jobs within a selected radius. On desktop devices users are prompted to insert their postcode. The map data comes from a third party source and the information is integrated into the map.

Employer brand collateral

Like the website, we’ve introduced an angular design with diagonal segments rather than horizontal lines and have developed the ‘Hungry for’ message to specific audiences where possible including:

  • Drivers recruitment posters
  • Student posters
  • Apprentice campaign
  • External shop banners
  • Business / Headhunter cards
  • Instore dispensers and leaflets
  • Exhibition stands
  • Advan
  • Press advertising templates
  • Online banners

In addition, we are in the process of applying the employer branding style and to all their internal recruitment materials; those sent to candidates and used throughout the application, assessment and induction processes, with the intention that all the material can be accessed via a password protected portal that we are currently in the process of developing.


The careers site went live in August and the advertising materials from September that year. It’s very early days, but first impressions have been very positive, both anecdotally and from initial traffic stats. For instance, the apprenticeship scheme generated over 300 applications in September, and overall, 2,401 offers were made from over 42,000 applications that have come through the site – up 9% from the same period last year.