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A  new careers website for a leading European hotel group

Following a competitive pitch, WDAD were appointed to partner PPHE Hotel Group to design and build a new fit-for-purpose careers website for them.

The group contains some of Europe’s best and most iconic hotel brands – including Park Plaza and art’otel, as well as Arena Hospitality in Croatia. In addition, the group also has some amazing destination restaurants; each with their own identity and brand. Our task was to create a careers portal that provided an overall unitary look and feel, yet at the same time enabled each of the 15 brands to have a distinctive platform that embraced their separate corporate brand guidelines as well as the spirit of their respective employer brands.

PPHE employees are ‘creators’ – they bring unique experiences to life; making guests feel energised, valued, respected and, more often than not, surprised and delighted. Our creative rationale therefore was a clear one:

“Good is not good enough. We want to be great. If you share this ambition, you’ll fit in beautifully here. We’ll give you all the training, support and opportunities you need to become exceptional at what you do. But it goes further than this. We’ll also give you the space for you to be you. To bring your personality into the job. To inspire our guests with your individuality. We’re not here to create average. We’re here to create amazing.”

Create Amazing underpinned our messaging. We also wanted to create an amazing visual and candidate experience. So we designed and built a website that was visually striking using an array of strong and beautifully shot images throughout. In addition, we featured 19 employees with videos and static profiles to bring their stories to life, showcasing their professional and personal development and demonstrating what it is to create amazing guest experiences.

And when the current Covid-19 situation is over, the site will also highlight and filter key roles and job opportunities across the brands, integrating seamlessly with the Cornerstone ATS as well as keeping the clicks to apply as quick and as easy as possible.

With Covid-19, the last few months have been a real challenge, especially so for a client in the international hospitality sector like PPHE Hotel Group. They have had to adapt and take really difficult decisions, but they see the new careers site as a vital platform for them to be ready when the ‘hospitality business’ picks up again and they start recruiting to help them realise their future plans.  At that point, the site will highlight and filter key roles and job opportunities across the brands, integrating seamlessly with the Cornerstone ATS.

This is Phase 1 of the project – further development is planned for roll out later in 2020 and in 2021.

To view the site, please visit: