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‘Big on Food’

Tragus Group operated 250 restaurants in the UK with brands such as Bella Italia, Cafe Rouge and Las Iguanas. However is lacked a cohesive and meaningful recruitment employer brand.  Our creative team came up with this award-winning proposition and concept.

Our message was simple: Tragus is big and big is beautiful. We constructed a Tragus stamp – ‘Get Into Food In A Big Way’ – and applied it like a branding iron across all our communications. We then built a website with a lot of white space, minimal copy and flash animation that brought big, bold Tragus facts to life. We put together a film and embedded it into the site, then created links across to new Café Rouge, Bella Italia and Strada sites, which we designed around their own brand identities while keeping tone of voice and content consistent with Tragus.

Finally, we produced a suite of advertising and employee collateral even down to ‘poaching cards’ with the ‘Big On You’ as the linked message.

We think it’s a very effective example of how to bring an employer ‘brand-behind-the-brands’ to the fore. So did the judges at the Grocery Advertising & Marketing Industry Awards (Gramias) and Website Awards where it picked up several gongs.