When less is more!

This beautifully understated campaign was nominated for two RAD Awards; Best Central Government campaign, and Best Sales, Creative and Marketing Advert – winning the latter category. It also won the CIPD Award in the Best Specialist Skills category, and picked up a PPMA Award for Best Central Government Advert.

The RAD judges comments praised the simplicity of the message and execution and suggested more adverts generally should take a leaf out of our book! The goal of the advert was to stand out and grab people’s immediate attention and then drive them to a supporting microsite that we designed and built to provide all the other information they needed to make an informed decision on whether they would apply or not. At the end of the day, ‘Chief Speechwriter for the MoD’ really did ‘Say it all’.

For our part, it was brave for the creative team to suggest such a minimalist approach, but we also had to thank our client at the MoD who had the trust in us and the guts to run with something that was very different to what might have been considered the norm for the sector.

The position was successfully filled through the advertising, with the appointed person even joining the MoD team and us at the Awards ceremony to collect the trophy! Congratulations to all involved.