Love fundraising, hate apathy

Gift helped charities tackle issues like child abuse, climate change and poverty. Their fundraisers stopped people in the street, giving them the lowdown on a cause and encouraging them to donate. It’s a challenging role, one that more often than not ended in rejection and some times even abuse. But even so, they still had to get their views across convincingly. They had to cut through apathy.

Hence our ‘Anti Apathy’ rallying cry to 18-24 year olds who cared enough about what happens in the world to want to do something about it. Alongside that strapline, we ran with some really powerful headlines; like ‘Give a damn’ and ‘Who cares?’ combined with a visual style that was truly dramatic. Cutting up a desk in our boardroom with a chain saw perhaps the most bizarre and unequivocal evidence of that approach, but recreating ‘Singing in the rain’  just off Brixton High Street in a photoshoot was not too far off it!

A truly fun campaign, it proved highly successful in engaging with the target audience. And the icing on the cake, it picked up numerous gongs and accolades including ‘Best Campaign‘ at the RADs.