award-winning recruitment advertising campaign

A stunningly successful campaign that saved £1.9 million in fees!

Two of South London & Maudsley NHS Trust’s (SLaM) biggest selling points – the breadth of services the Trust deployed, and the training and career pathways it offered – were either not being communicated or were not understood in the external marketplace.

We therefore developed a creative campaign with the specific objective of raising the level of awareness/knowledge of the Trust. In addition to on-going online advertising with the Guardian and the professional nursing media, including some targeted ‘hot spot’ topping-up promotion when needed, we also took a brave decision to turn traditional thinking re media on its head and include ‘old school’ print advertising with a series of employer brand building advertisements and advertorials in the London Metro and Evening Standard.

The campaign ran over 4 months and resulted in 158 Band 5 ‘direct’ starters. A truly phenomenal result that was recognised with a shortlisting at the PPMA Awards for Best Frontline Campaign.