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Every year we host an intern from the USA. This year Max Osborn from the University of Oregon has spent 9 weeks with us to learn a little about recruitment advertising and employer branding. He recently spent an eventful couple of days, helping with a video shoot for the Stagecoach London apprentice scheme.

“I didn’t quite know what to expect before shooting a recruitment video at a bus depot in West Ham, but I went in knowing we had a great set of questions and an excellent videographer in Mark Jones.

Steve Watling, Mark and I met early on the first day of shooting to finish the set-up. After Mark had manipulated the lighting and adjusted the Nikons, we went down to the canteen to meet our three drivers picked to speak. After a cup of tea they were ready to get to the questions. It was more like a casual conversation that you might have in your living room. Mark even lightened the mood beforehand with “warm-up” questions such as, “Who was your first celebrity crush?” and “If you were invisible for a day, what would you get up to?”.

After lunch down in the canteen – really nice pie and chips actually – we went out to the yard to find our designated bus. 10409 was beauty. A little older but most good things get better with age (too right – Ed’). Mark rigged up the interior and exterior of the bus with his small armada of GoPros. With every angle possible covered we set out into West Ham to capture some B-Roll of the drivers in action.

Day two started with an interview of two apprentice engineers. Both were passionate about their careers and both intended on having long-term positions at Stagecoach. We also got a short interview with the Engineering Director, who provided some powerful words about exactly what they were looking for in apprentices. After the interviews it was time to film inside the garage. The sound of pneumatic drills and cranking wrenches filled the air as we followed our interviewees around the countless double-deckers lined up receiving repairs or new tires.

It was great shooting in such an interesting environment with so much going on. The rough edit’s looking really good and it’s been fun to meet so many great people with even greater stories”.

Ed’s footnote – the final product is now live and looks even better than good! See the recruitment video here.


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