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Designed and built by WDAD Communications, this new careers site is now live. It forms a central part of our work to help the trust refresh their Employer Brand and position them as one of the foremost employers in the sector.

The design of the site makes extensive use of FHFT’s employees following photoshoots across their three main hospitals. It leans heavily on their vision, values and future strategy, as well as promoting revitalised EVP and Employer Brand messaging.

Its clear layout and navigation has been designed to be more user-friendly, with accessibility supported by an Accessibility Toolbar for altering text size, changing colours and using text to speech technology.

We worked closely with the HR team at Frimley and our developer partner Designworks to produce a site that integrates with the NHS’s platform ‘Trac’, allowing a live feed of segmented service roles to be accessed via the site.

At such a vital time for recruitment in the NHS, we’re proud to have been able to work the ‘Frimley Family’ and we’re looking forward to helping them increase visitors to the site and evolve their messaging and engagement still further.


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