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October saw the culmination of the initial phase of an exciting  employee engagement project that WDAD has undertaken with North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust. Their first Staff Recognition Awards were held at Alexandra Palace where 300 short-listed candidates, colleagues and guests attended a celebration of the people that make the Trust such a great team.

With morale such an important factor in terms of recruitment, retention and patient care, we worked with the Trust to identify and communicate a set of consistent and achievable values and behaviours. We developed a creative concept from a set of detailed research findings which was rolled out across numerous communication channels to embed the values at a conscious and subconscious level.

The  formal launch and the biggest landmark so far has been the Trust’s first Staff Awards, for which WDAD provided the collateral and helped to project manage.

Feedback from the HR Director has described the event as “phenomenal” and the post-event working atmosphere “buzzing”, creating a fantastic platform for the scheme’s next phase.


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