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The response to Covid-19 is at a fascinating point. Lockdown has been easing gradually but perceptibly. Businesses are starting to open and today’s announcements in Parliament marks a significant landmark in that process particularly for the hospitality industry. However, it’s also not unlikely that we may see the number of positive tests, hospital admissions and coronavirus deaths increase once more as restrictions are relaxed.

But how has the talent acquisition community and their employers responded to lockdown and how do they feel about some of the likely outcomes?

Neil Harrison, one of our evp and research partners, conducted a survey on how employee comms has changed over the last few months. Just short of a hundred people responded to his questions so there’s an element of this being indicative rather than definitive. But there are some interesting insights and hopefully it provide a sense of the mindset of organisations.

Mike Heal, Managing Director at WDAD, was one of a number of contacts of Neil’s talent acquisition network who was asked to comment on the findings.

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