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Thought Leadership

Partners at Attenti are established as leaders in their respective fields, contributing to national debates, leading best practice and seeking to influence positive change.  Below are a number of published articles from our people that you might find interesting; in addition, we cover some major contributions from international consultancies in our additional commentary and analysis section.
We aim to update this area regularly with advisory materials which we feel offer sound counsel for aspiring top executives.

Attenti’s strategic partner ACEVO’s Chief Executive, Sir Stephen Bubb on ‘The State of Charity in 2014’. Download it here.

Attenti have been working with ACEVO on the ACEVO Governance Commission report on Realising the Potential of Governance. See the full report here.

The Paula Principle – How women’s talents are underused and why organisations need to do more to support women in the workplace.  Download it here.

We take a look behind the figures to see what women can do to boost their job chances.  Download it here.

We describe how Chief Executives can put themselves ahead at the start of a recruitment process.  Download it here.

We offer some thoughts on how executives can stay ahead of the competition once in the recruitment process.  Download it here.

Different people bring different views and opinions – vital for forward-thinking boards and organisations. We argue that diversity is key but not at the expense of skills or experience. Download it here.

We detail how clients can get the best results when working with headhunters.
Download it here.

Restructuring and transformation can affect the atmosphere in the workplace.
We highlight the key activities a leader should focus on to create a positive organisational atmosphere. Download it here.

In this article we offer advice on how to restructure and refocus your leadership team.  Download it here.