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Thought leadership – additional commentary and analysis

In addition to our partners’ own contributions, please find below a selection of external articles and commentaries which we feel provide useful insights into successful leadership and strategy;

From McKinsey Quarterly:

An evaluation of the benefits of diversifying the upper echelons of business hierarchies, and potential improvements that diversity can bring to performance.  Download it here.

How changes to leadership styles can enable women to break through the glass ceiling, become greater business leaders, and become more likely to achieve their potential.  Download it here.

From The Boston Consulting Group:

A discussion of five of the most important qualities and key foundations necessary for an adaptable and prosperous leadership team.  Download it here.

‘Why strategy needs a strategy.’  An argument for adaptive strategy as one of five key styles that organisations urgently need to master.  Download it here.

From Bain & Co.:

The benefits that a focused strategy can bring to a business, compared to more extensive and less concentrated approaches.  Download it here.

How companies and organisations can build themselves out of a downturn, using new management techniques and growth tools.  Download it here.

From PwC:

The challenges and rewards of successful executive pay strategy, balancing motivation and financial incentives with overall risk and reward.  Download it here.